Mayor Karen Majewski cares about Hamtramck. And she is not afraid of the hard work it takes to build a strong city.

It is evident in improvements to the city’s roads, alleys and sewers. It is evident in the restoration of Hamtramck Disneyland, in improvements to the city’s parks, and in the work being done to save historic Hamtramck Stadium.

And it is evident in the strong sense of community she has fostered in order to bring all the people of Hamtramck together, to help them all feel part of they city they have chosen to call home.

Since first being elected in 2005, Mayor Karen Majewski has led one of the most diverse communities in the country. She has stood for reason, compassion, and forward thinking, and has helped make Hamtramck a national model of opportunity and acceptance for all. She has earned the respect of people across the globe who recognize her commitment and dedication to the welfare of all Hamtramckans, and who see Hamtramck under her leadership as a place where all can aspire to the American dream.

It takes someone special to be Mayor of Hamtramck. It takes someone who deeply understands the challenges Hamtramck faces, but knows how to get things done. It takes someone who accepts, supports, and celebrates the city’s many diverse residents.

And it takes someone who deeply cares about her hometown.

Karen Majewski is that special person.

Vote for Mayor Karen Majewski on November 7, 2017. For your future and the future of Hamtramck.